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FAQs – Xclearvision

How much does the loupes weigh?

The weight of the loupes depends on the frames and the magnification ordered. Usually that ranges from 36 grams to 58 grams. If and Once prescription and/or light are added, that can marginally increase the weight.

Is there any warranty on the loupes?

The manufacturer provides a 24-monthlimited warranty on the Loupes. Wear and Tear and mishandling is excluded which can incur repair costs.

Is there any warranty on the lights?

The manufacturer provides a 24-month warranty on lights. The batteries come with 12-month warranty. It does not cover any damage caused by the customers mishandling (wear and tear and misuse).

Can I track my order ?

Once your order is shipped, we shall send you a Tracking number to track your parcel. Alternatively, at any given point in time, we would be happy to track the order for you.

How long do I have to wait for my loupes or headlights after I have ordered them?

The approximate time from receiving the deposit until the delivery of the loupes usually takes about 3-4 weeks – this can change if there are any unforeseen circumstances. You shall be informed timely about any delay that might have caused due to complexity of any orderor any delays advised to us by the manufacturer.

What do I do if I change my prescription later on?

The prescription can be corrected on the loupes both internally and externally which may incur additional cost. The shipping charges (International and Domestic) for the order shall also be incurred by the clients.

Are Proloupes lights compatible with all the Loupes?

Yes, our Proloupes lights are compatible with all XCV provided loupes – Ergo, Galilean, and Prismatic. In many instances the client can buy or source company specific adapters that can help house the Proloupes Lights on third party Loupes and vice versa.

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