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The only chair in the world where the back rest comes to you!
The ErgoDynamic® (usa design patented) is our most advanced work stool. It features the unique patented scissor-mechanism and is the only chair in the world where the backrest automatically advances towards the back when needed.

Optimal Posture
When sitting down on the ErgoDynamic®, the lumbar support automatically comes toward the back, and fits snugly into the hollow contours of the lower back. The natural anatomical S-shape of your spine remains secured even during passive sitting. The purposely down-sized shape of the lumbar support provides optimal freedom of movement and activates stretching of the entire spine. The scissor mechanism of the Dynamic® guarantees the best stabilization of your lower back.

Full automatic.
When sitting in an active working position, the seat assumes a positive inclination of 3 degrees. With normal fatigue, leaning back may seem comfortable, but in fact, a slumping position increases the risk of disc pressure and irritation of the posterior longitudinal ligament and/or facet joints. The mechanism automatically compensates for this by tilting the seat 6 degrees back and advancing the lumbar support towards the lower back for optimal correction.

The ErgoDynamic® has proven its contribution to preventing and improving back complaints in many cases.

For the best performance, the ErgoDynamic® should be adjusted to each individual user, for which we offer detailed support and instruction.

After initially adjusting the ErgoDynamic® to your individual body dimensions once, no further adjusting is needed.


What Our Customers Say

“Really happy with XCV's services. The loupes arrived very fast. And as soon as I unboxed the package, I became a happy customer. The loupes give a good field of vision, give me back my straight posture, the light is brilliant and the case is well-made. Many thanks for the perfect product.”

Hugo Davis

“I am a hygienist and was looking for a good pair of loupes for quite some time. I came across XCV and got myself Ergo loupes. They did the trick for me. It took me no time to get used to these! 100% recommended.”

Jaxon Robinson

“I have been a dentist for five years before coming to Australia. I came across Xclearvision loupes by chance, to be honest, and since the very first moment, I knew they were amazing. Loupes are light and adjust immediately. Special mention to the wireless light that has two different intensities and they come with three interchangeable batteries very easy to swap. I had the chance to choose from a variety of colours and shape frames, which is always a plus point. I have to say that my personal experience has been highly positive.”

Dr. Natalia Riquelme

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